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The Law of Diminishing Intent – Why Ideas Fail before they start

Digital reality show with Ocey Phillips
The Digital Reality Show
The Law of Diminishing Intent - Why Ideas Fail before they start

Today’s episode is on “THE LAW OF DIMINISHING INTENT”


A successful entrepreneur must be driven, ambitious, and visionary. They’re the reasons why business is constantly on our minds. Even when we’re not at work, we walk into a coffee shop and see something innocuous that inspires us to start a business. We go to a conference and gain insight that goes beyond the facts offered. To put it another way, we see possibilities where others do not.


When Richard Branson founded Virgin Airlines, he did exactly that. The flight he was taking to the British Virgin Islands was canceled due to a lack of passengers. So Branson rented a jet and flew around filling it up. An airline was born as a result of this. That’s what I call action!


The Law Of Diminishing Intent and Its Consequences


This could be due to the Law of Diminishing Intent, which holds that “the longer you wait to do something you should do right now, the more likely you are to never do it.” Jim Rohn came up with the idea, but it was John Maxwell who wrote about it in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. The Law of Diminishing Intent is a crucial factor in an entrepreneur’s success. We live in an era of invention, technology, and speed, where being first to market is critical in every business. If you don’t act on your ideas, you’ll find yourself staring up at the sky as your competitors fly by.


It is moments of clarity that change our life. Times when we say, “never again, I’ve had enough, I cannot live like this anymore.” When the pain of our situation forces us to stop engaging in self-destructive behavior. A decision not married to action is merely a wish. True decisions change our behavior.

Change is easy when you finally realize that continuing along the same path you’ve been on will only cause you misery. It’s easy to break bad habits when you equate more pain than pleasure with doing them. Developing good habits is easier when you focus on keeping your commitment small and being consistent. If you aren’t consistent, then it’s not a habit, and habits are the only behaviors capable of transforming your life. They shape who you are and who you’ll become, not your goals. Everyone has goals. What separates us is our habits.

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